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Yesterday was one of the most terrible days in my life. I wanted to write every thing down but I'm too tired, too lazy to do that right now. Last Wednesday we had this event at our school. We walked through our town .. blah blah .. and one assignment of our game (part of our event) was that we had to walk through the brook .. yeah, through the brook .. right. These assignments are crazy .. the whole game is crazy .. and funny. It is impossible to walk through the water with shoes and that's why we took off our shoes and socks and walked through it barefoot. It was cold .. very very cold. I hope I won't get a cold. Well, I injured my foot .. I couldn't walk very well. I have a terrible bruis on my foot and it was also swollen. It is a bit better now.
Yesterday, we had this sport event at our school. It started at 2 p.m. and it ended at around 8 a.m. this morning. I was so looking forward it. I met my friends in front of the gym but suddenly I felt this nausea and I felt soooo badly. It was the best to go home. So I did. I slept almost all the day .. it is so unfair .. I was so extremely looking forward it. Argggggg.
Guess what? As my Mom noticed that I have this wound on my foot, she was like "Oh, my poor baby! If you need something, let me know!" and yesterday as I woke up and she came home from work, she looked at me and was very very nice to me. Is it really so? I have to be sick, and then she is nice to me? Then she cares about me? Oh thank you, MOM!!!!! :(
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